The country living in south Spain and Minami Boso/The World of Ishiitacashi
Sunosaki Point
It is the enjoyment to run and to put Iro of the pencil for me. It had fallen in love with Iroage of the crayon since small time. The excitement when it extends to Spain to draw the picture, and it faces the canvas is inadvertently recalled some time ago in 1975. And, what you drew on the inside where it kept drawing the picture bumped to the message importance. It settled down in the feeling of well-being in daily life and the natural expression of the accompaniment way of life in the theme the answer.
It draws with the oil painting tool on paper though it is a mode of expression. The fiber of cotton is used even if it is called paper and the cotton paper made of Fabriano of Italy that came in machine Co is used chiefly. It sketches with the pencil of 4B, the oil painting tool is melted with the Terepin oil like the watercolor, it piles up many times, it paints, and it finishes it up. Why is such a drawing style done?Because it is requested that it be a character of the serene silence like a Japanese picture the answer. Because mother was active Japanese-style painter as Yuan Tomo of Nihon Bijutsuin Exhibition(Inten), the shade and the technique of a Japanese picture were always seen. It is a too troublesome technique though withers very much. Replacing it with the oil painting tool and having kept handy are the current mode of expressions.
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